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Here's to the underdog brands.

Ad agencies have become too bloated for you. Their org charts are too top heavy for you. Their overhead is too large for you. Their services are too pricy for you. 

Or, to put it more accurately, your budget is too small for them.

That's because you're not just paying for an idea, you are paying for every hand that touches that idea along the journey, most of them who add nothing to it.

No good idea could survive that.

So we created Whiskey Bacon Club. A way for challenger brands with challenging budgets to get efficient execution of high-level thinking for a lot less.

That's because we've reinvented the model. We've taken industry-leading business savvy creative directors and teamed them directly with a world-class production partner.


So here's to the underdogs.

Here's to five-foot, five-inch point guards and six-foot, five-inch jockeys.

Here's to opening acts, 16th seeds, and horses named Tripod.

Here's to Rudy and Hoosiers, and to the 1969 Mets and the 1980 American Hockey Team.

Here's to Buster Douglas beating Mike Tyson.

Here's to any brand that wants to get the most out of their ad and production budgets. And wants a fighting chance to succeed.

Whiskey Bacon Club is here for you.

(Why the name Whiskey Bacon Club? Is there anything whiskey and bacon can't make better? Nope.)

Whiskey Bacon Club.

Half ad agency. Half production company. Half content studio.



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Our WorK.

TexasLending.com “Get Your Own House” campaign



“Cocktail Party”

“Pool Party”

TexasLending.com “Home Equity Fever” campaign

Stunt Double”


“Sky Jumper”

Sierra Club “Science Is Real” campaign

Sierra Club "Electricity"

Sierra Club “Gravity”

Sierra Club “Physics”


Brightline “Get Out of the Car” campaign




Other Work

Virgin Atlantic “Disappear Hard”

McDonald’s “Time Machine”




Whiskey Bacon Club truly is a club. A club of incredibly talented creatives who’ve all joined with the common goal of doing the kind of great work that builds brands and creates commerce. The kind of work agencies used to do before bigger mortis set in.

Led by ad veteran Kevin Sutton, we feature an impressive roster of writers and art directors, and we tap into them as each job dictates. And we team them with a world-class production partner, so we can write, cast, shoot, edit and finish your idea as well as you could get it written, cast, shot, edited or finished anywhere else. All you're paying for are killer ideas that are produced flawlessly. And not for office slides and private jets and on-site juiceologists. Welome to the Club.

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KEVIN SUTTON, Executive Creative Director

As a creative director and writer, Kevin has won tons of the most prestigious industry awards for his work. He has created campaigns for McDonald's—leading the launch of McDonald's game-changing All Day Breakfast, in fact. He is responsible for currently running GEICO MLB and NHL commercials. He helped re-brand Visionworks. And Texas Health Hospitals. And Nestle Pure Life water. And Icehouse beer. His Super Bowl commercial for Tabasco was featured on ABC-TV's "World's Best Super Bowl Commercials." He's had spots featured on "America's Funniest Commercials." And he won an award from the actual United Nations for a pro-bono print campaign. He has written some really funny commercials for for Western Union, and a ridiculously outrageous global warming PSA campaign for the Sierra Club.


Kevin is the author of the Amazon Top 40 Humor book, Dear Midol: Essays from Estrogen Hell, about having a wife and five daughters, as well as Baseball Town: The Fall and Rise of the Texas Rangers. He also writes the daily baseball blog, rangersrounding3rd.com.

The creative leader of Whiskey Bacon Club, Kevin will bring his more than thirty years of craft, wit, savvy, strategic thinking, baseball talk, whiskey aficionadoing, and knowing how to get shit sold, to your project. View his work here.



John is an award-winning producer who is deeply passionate about his work and the industry. He is one of those rare producers that clients seek out and want running their production because they know they will get someone who is 100% committed to them and making sure their budget is well managed.  http://www.johnmcadorey.com


Leslie is a strategist who loves getting in the mix with creative teams to come up with amazing ideas that help a client drive their business. Uncovering the ingredients and insights to make an idea fly is what she does best. Leslie is a digital native that has worked in strategy and communications planning at some of the world’s top ad agencies including The Martin Agency, McCann, T3, and Goodby Silverstein & Partners. In her over twenty-plus-year career she has worked on some of the biggest brands like Chevy, GEICO, HP, Chase, Intel, Marriott, Microsoft, the NFL, Walmart, and Stoli Vodka.





"Raise the Bar & Lower your tab"

- Sir Francis Bacon Club

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Our drinking buddies.



A versatile, highly respected, award-winning designer and art director. Everett can do everything from package design, logos, corporate branding, to creating endearing TV commercials. View his work here.

leftfield films

Under the banner of LEFTFIELD FILMS, director Juddy Talt's storytelling is filled with imagination, human behavior and comic realism; slightly funny but always real. Juddy's favorite whiskey is High West and his favorite bacon is always over cooked. View his work here.


A premier post-production house located in Uptown Dallas, they offer an extremely collaborative environment for next-level post-production services including creative editorial, motion graphics, CG, VFX, finish, color grading, mixing and sound design. View their work here.

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A collective of filmmakers, each with a unique point of view, who tell engaging stories through character driven performances, stunning visuals and clever comedy.  View their work here.

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An elite design consultancy and brand laboratory, comprised of skilled visual explorers. By harnessing their collective years of expertise in design, animation and VFX, they help businesses grow, launch products and gain a competitive advantage in our connected world.  View their work here.

Joe Harris

Dallas-based Joe Harris is a young and charming director and editor from Side Chops with an eye for casting and a strong visual language. He prides himself on making sure as much of the budget as possible makes it to the screen, and collaborating with creatives. He likes doing comedy campaigns, and is especially fond of both bacon and whiskey, which sort of works out perfectly around here. View his work here.




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We're still optimistic enough to think a great idea can change the world. Let Whiskey Bacon Club come up with one for you. We're here for underdog brands. We'll write, produce, finish, and send your idea off to conquer the world. Contact us below. And thanks for stopping by.


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