Our drinking buddies.



A versatile, highly respected, award-winning designer and art director. Everett can do everything from package design, logos, corporate branding, to creating endearing TV commercials. View his work here.

leftfield films

Under the banner of LEFTFIELD FILMS, director Juddy Talt's storytelling is filled with imagination, human behavior and comic realism; slightly funny but always real. Juddy's favorite whiskey is High West and his favorite bacon is always over cooked. View his work here.


A premier post-production house located in Uptown Dallas, they offer an extremely collaborative environment for next-level post-production services including creative editorial, motion graphics, CG, VFX, finish, color grading, mixing and sound design. View their work here.

THreaded PicturEs

A collective of filmmakers, each with a unique point of view, who tell engaging stories through character driven performances, stunning visuals and clever comedy.  View their work here.

infinite fiction

An elite design consultancy and brand laboratory, comprised of skilled visual explorers. By harnessing their collective years of expertise in design, animation and VFX, they help businesses grow, launch products and gain a competitive advantage in our connected world.  View their work here.

Joe Harris

Dallas-based Joe Harris is a young and charming director and editor from Side Chops with an eye for casting and a strong visual language. He prides himself on making sure as much of the budget as possible makes it to the screen, and collaborating with creatives. He likes doing comedy campaigns, and is especially fond of both bacon and whiskey, which sort of works out perfectly around here. View his work here.